[re Post] Asymmetric warfare , Idol of the modern warfare at present

About Asymmetric War

Entering the current millenniums era , the world ‘s defense and strategy has entered a new phase , that is way or art of war which called by asymmetric warfare . The openness of the world’s public about the existence of asymmetric warfare is begin revealed and sticking when the world is crowded about War On Terror projects by United States , followed by political upheaval in the Middle East and North Africa as the Arab Spring movement successful devastated many countries . Asymmetric war is one other form of modern warfare that is multi-dimensional , covering the various layers of the life sector . A way to fight that is almost invisible to the perpetrator , weapon , goals and so on .

Non- conventional war or asymmetric ( Anti – Symmetric ) is one of the side opposite of conventional warfare or symmetrical . Asymmetric manner that doesn’t rely on full military power like war symmetrical . Symmetric and Asymmetric War sometimes complement each other or work together to win a battle in a fast tempo . Asymmetric warfare today has grown and developed into a phenomenon and popular method, its called SmartPower, this method is now a weapon for the giant capitalist country who want to conquering the target countries as the main alternative, but still using Symmetrical warfare or Hard Power for various reasons and considerations.

The cause

Entering the era of digital information such as current barely knows no national borders or geography , all forms of the past such as colonization or physically colonialism becomes irrelevant and no longer valid . After World War II , many newly independent state to emerge , the Invader’s State could not longer restrain to resistance ex – colonial countries . To plug the power back toward on colonial state , The colonial/Invader’s state was use another or different methods, the way is more modern but with the same of aim , like the old stuff wrapped with new stuff. In history, the form of colonization its known as NeoCapitalism , colonialism in disguised form which is usually done with a mastery of targeting the economy sectors of the State. This method is one of the many forms of asymmetric warfare , there are many forms of asymmetric war, depends on the ability of the State to attacking and the conditions of the target country.

The Shape of Asymmetric War

Mastery of the State targets in economic sector its only a small part , there are many ways and forms of asymmetric warfare designed freely, provided isn’t entering the realm of symmetric warfare . Its contrast by antiquity , Asymmetric warfare blow up by parties who have a weak strength to fight against a more powerful force , like David vs. Goliath or Raden Wijaya Vs Mongol Empire are a few examples of the use of asymmetric warfare , a war which more relying brain or strategy than physical . Indonesia was often attacked in asymmetric war by capitalist state , with the intention of mastering natural resources ( energy – economy ) and government ( politics ) , such as the conflict that led to the ouster of President Sukarno and President Suharto through undermining with economical crisis, uprising and demonstration / riot .

In the past, the world is presented with action drama interception of communications by the United States to many countries , Cyber War between the USA. , China , Russia , Iran , and Israel is a form of asymmetric warfare in the information sector . They are faced each other trying to get the information right opponent and prevent opponents getting information . Shape Technologically like this have the strategic role and significant influence , with the advantages of information , a State can sniff first steps or State plan opponents more early . The procurement in the field of information also can increase the bargaining power , Bargaining power at the front of certain countries.

The prevention

What and how to cope with asymmetric attack still can not be determined with certainty , but many people who agree that the formula to cope an asymmetric warfare is strengthening the national security . It all depends on how the country when attacked in a asymmetric war able to survive and fight back so that the goals of the asymmetric attack failed miserably . One successful example of a form of resistance against the State Asymmetric warfare is the Islamic Republic of Iran , the country managed to thwart U.S. efforts to block Iran and its allies with a variety of sanctions , embargoes and its media propaganda . West’s Asymmetric attacks to Iran actually resisted by efforts to increasing the power in the military sector, economy , technology , cultures , and diplomacy . So , to be a winner in Asymmetric warfare , the key is to use asymmetric warfare as well.

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